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About Us

Innovine Wine Group brings over 25 years of successfully creating innovative Sales and Marketing to the Wines and Spirits industry.  Building on experience as a wholesaler, supplier and a brand owner, Innovine knos how to position, present, and promote your poducts with success in this extremely important channel.  

Jim Sweeney

Through a focused, street level field presence combined with a guerilla approach to sales promotion, Jim has achieved unparalleled brand sales and marketing success


Jim understands the importance of building win-win strategies between suppliers and National/Regional accounts.   'Brands' are truly built on premise.  Consumers look to sommeliers, mixologists, and wine events to get the stories and recommendations from key influencers.  Jim has led the successful on-premise market introduction of many notable brands including Quintessa, Faust, and Illumination. 


Working closely with you and your distributor's network, Jim knows how to achieve sales success that creates long-term brand loyalty for the producer, the on-premise accounts, and the consumer.   

Clare Sweeney
Social Media Specialist

Clare was raised in the wine business.  Living in Napa Valley, she was raised in a community of vintners, distrillers, brewmasters, resturantaurs and Sales and Marketing leaders.


Clare brings a wealth of marketing savvy and social media experience that appeals specifically to the extremely important millenial consumer.   Currently working at 'Roosterly', a communications campany focused on 'amplifying' your message throught social media and improving on-line ROI.

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